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Funding to Support Public Input

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is seeking the development of research, studies or position papers related to the six themes of the NEB Modernization review: (1) Governance; (2) Mandate; (3) Decision-making roles; (4) Legislative tools for lifecycle regulation; (5) Indigenous engagement; and, (6) Public participation. This is in addition to the funding mentioned in the Terms of Reference that was made available to support the participation of Indigenous peoples.

This purpose of this step is to select the most appropriate ideas for further consideration.  Selection of a particular submission does not imply that the party who presented the suggested service will be the same party awarded the contract for that service.

Who can offer their ideas and services?

Contracts related to the proposals received may be awarded to approximately 12 or more public stakeholders such as non-governmental organizations or associations (subject to Treasury Board contracting policy).

How proposals will be selected

Contracts may be awarded, pursuant to the selection of the most relevant projects, on a case-by-case basis, subject to the following assessment criteria:

  • Proposals must be less than $25,000 in total (including tax). Note that travel costs and capital costs are not eligible.
  • All work must be completed by March 31, 2017.
  • To maximize perspectives received through this process, an organization may not be awarded more than one contract.
  • Proposals must provide details on the deliverable (e.g. provide the title, approximate length, scope, and themes to be covered in the report, study, or position paper) that your organization will produce and the timeline.
  • Proposals must describe how the project contributes to the NEB Modernization review.
  • Proposals should describe the experience and credentials of the person(s) or organization proposing the idea.
  • Proposals should include details on the level of effort and resources that will be allocated to the proposal (e.g. resources to be used and their fees). NRCan will use this information to confirm whether or not the cost of the proposal is fair and reasonable.
  • Should your proposal be selected for further consideration, NRCan will undertake a procurement process in order to award a contract for up to $25,000 (all inclusive) in accordance with Treasury Board contracting policy.
  • Proposal selection will take into account the spectrum of proposals received, the experience and credentials of the person(s) or organization proposing the idea, the relevance and contribution of the proposal to the NEB Modernization review, procedural complications, any outstanding requirements (gaps) within the six themes of the review, overall budget limitations, as well as any other factors related to the successful delivery of meaningful research, studies or position papers by March 31, 2017.

Eligible activities

Research, studies or position papers related to one of the six themes of the NEB modernization review:

  1. Governance;
  2. Mandate;
  3. Decision-making roles;
  4. Legislative tools for lifecycle regulation;
  5. Indigenous engagement; and,
  6. Public participation.

More information on these six themes can be found in the expert panel’s Terms of Reference

Contract award limitation

A maximum of $25,000 (including taxes) is available for each finally selected study/research/position paper.

How to apply

If you think your organization or association can contribute to the NEB Modernization review process, submit a proposal between two and five pages in length to with the subject line “Public input funding proposal” and your organization’s name. 

Should you wish, you may also mail your application to:

NRCan’s National Energy Board Modernization Secretariat
Natural Resources Canada
580 Booth Street, 17th Floor
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0E4

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted until January 31, 2017. Funding is limited.