About the Review

This review will examine issues that are specific to the NEB and that fall outside the separate review of Canada's federal environmental assessment processes. It is an opportunity to strengthen the regulatory process and ensure that Canada continues to have a modern, efficient and effective regulator.   

Specifically, the review will focus on:

  1. Governance and structure
  2. Mandate and future opportunities
  3. Decision-making roles, including on major projects
  4. Compliance, enforcement, and ongoing monitoring
  5. Engagement with Indigenous peoples
  6. Public participation

In fall and winter 2016/17, the Expert Panel will engage Indigenous peoples, interested stakeholders, provinces and territories, as well as the public. The format of consultations will include online submissions and in-person meetings.

Funding is being provided to support the participation of Indigenous peoples in the NEB Modernization process. The application period closed on September 26, 2016.

For more information on the Expert Panel’s mandate, please check the Terms of Reference.