Discussion Paper 1: National Energy Board Governance

about 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

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This discussion paper talks about the National Energy Board’s (NEB) governance structure.

We look forward to reading your answers to the questions below and any comments you may have after reading the discussion paper below. The deadline to submit comments is March 31, 2017.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What are appropriate requirements for Board Members (particularly regarding composition, expertise, regional representation, and Indigenous representation)?
  2. Where should NEB Board Members be located and why?
  3. Where should the NEB be located and why?
  4. What are your views with respect to the Chair of the Board also being the NEB’s CEO?
  5. How should the Government of Canada provide the NEB with policy direction? What should be the role of the NEB in implementing Government policies and priorities?
  6. What NEB decisions, recommendations or functions should be delegated to Board Members? To NEB staff?
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  • EP about 3 years ago
    1. There should be requirements in the Act that a minimum number of Board Members be bilingual, to the public service testing standards. Should require a certain ratio of Board Members be female. Regional representation is important. There should be a requirement in regulations or the act that Board Members have knowledge, background and experience in the energy sector, regulatory processes, public participation and Indigenous issues. 2. The majority of Board Members should be located wherever the headquarters is, but should represent regional views from all areas of the country, including the north. Some Board Members should also be located in regions across the country. 3. It makes sense to have NEB Head office in Calgary, and smaller regional offices should exist in key regions (BC, Ottawa, Montreal, Maritimes and the north) and should be staffed appropriately. I don't think its fiscally responsible to move a HQ just for the sake of it. 4. There should be a separate Chair and CEO. The CEO should be a public servant and when appointed should come from a published, open competition. The CEO should come from outside the current NEB. 5.The government should provide the NEB with policy direction publically, and should be open to comment and co-development with Indigenous governments. The NEB should implement the policy direction in a collaborative way and there should be a feedback mechanism in place to ensure that policy direction is realistic and feasible to implement.
  • Peter R about 3 years ago
    1. Composition should be as per affected groups, have expertise, and especially independent. 2. From several parts of the country, in order to represent affected groups 3. Certainly not in Calgary, but in Ottawa for control. The coziness with the energy sector is blatant at the moment 4. no comment 5. Not to be biased so much for the energy sector, with disregard of the affected landowners. Do not hang the hat so overwhelming on safety, while their is no safety issue and kill the dialogue, affected groups for the majority know about safety but have also common sense. NEB should be independent of the government and consequently better people need to be appointed acting as judges. 6. As a business organization.
  • MDBurchell about 3 years ago
    1. Appropriate requirements should be varied, with members from both Canada and First Nations represented, equally. Expertise should include industry standards and practices, regulatory requirements, environmental assessments, heritage assessments, citizen impacts verses benefits and, lastly, international agreements effecting projects. 2. Board members should be located in various regions of the nation, as to best represent the entire nation, with ability to assemble for panel discussions and decisions. 3. The NEB offices should be in proximity to both government and courts, in order to facilitate ease of communications for regulatory authority. 4. There can exist a conflict of interest, when the chair of the board and CEO coexist in one individual. Is it worth possible issues, when easily curtailed by distinct separation of powers, within the board? 5. The Government of Canada should provide a mandate for the NEB, which encompasses all aspects mentioned in my answer to question #1. 6. All decisions, recommendations or functions, after decided upon with justice and equal representation, should be delegated to a specified spokesperson, so as to never have possible perceived conflicts, within the board.
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  • Robert Kryszko over 3 years ago
    My name is Robert Kryszko, I am Mi'gmag and I reside in Pabineau First Nation, New Brunswick, Canada, and I am exercising my reciprocal responsibility duties and participate in the: National Energy Board Modernization Expert Panel Discussion Paper. We'lalin. Discussion Paper #1 answers to questions in: National Energy Board Governance 1. Appropriate requirements for board members must be determined by the crown and the Aboriginal/Indian people; work together to create appropriate requirements. 2 & 3. Location of the board should be determined by Indian and Canadian authorities. Canada and the Indians have an equal shared responsibility with the protecting of the environment. Equal share means, equal amount of Indian NEB members as Canadian (federal) members. 4. It is a huge conflict of interest. One must be appointed as Chair and one must be appointed as C.E.O.; one member must not wear 2 hats. 5. The Government of Canada and an Aboriginal/Indian authority (shared responsibility) should provide the NEB policy direction. Then the NEB should be granted exclusive jurisdiction "under the Act" in the implementation of the policies and orders. The role of the government should be by request by a majority vote of the NEB members. Decision making should be solely done by the new NEB members (9 Indian and 9 Canadian). 6. The NEB board should be delegated exclusive decision-making duties that include final decision towards proposed project(s). The staff will remain as staff members and have no decision making duties. Senior staff may submit "in writing" their concerns or comments to the NEB and the NEB will consider all written submission done by senior staff in their decision making process.
  • Mike Fletcher over 3 years ago
    Although the NEB office could stay in Calgary, the requirement that reside in Calgary seems unreasonable. I agree with Diane Wilson's comments about the need to have board members with a variety of backgrounds. I'm curious as to how board members maintain expertise. Would it be useful to have board members continuously educated in relevant areas such as: Energy market and technology issues, environmental and safety issues (including climate change and ocean acidifcation), and economic development issues for instance.
  • Diane Wilson over 3 years ago
    NEB members should be represented from all provinces and territories, have expertise in economic development, environmental science, regional understanding, community representative, Indigenous stakeholders. Members should be officially located in Ottawa with accessible offices throughout the country, especially regarding the areas where representation is in need. The chair of the NEB should not be the CEO. These must be separate for the ability to remain unbiased and with out influence over projects. NEB should have the mandate of integration of government policy and public benefits and regards to Indigenous rights. The NEB should be able to balance the direction of the government through its members, who then bring policy changes to their community for discussion and acceptance. With the goal being to end dependence on fossil fuels, the function of the NEB members should be to make all decisions a step, policy, legislation closer to that end goal.
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  • isabel over 3 years ago
    The NEB should have at least 2 members from: the Territories, the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, B.C., Alberta, and Manitoba/Saskatchewan. At least 25% of members should be indigenous, and at least 25% should be women. There should be at least one of each of the following: environmental scientist, renewable energy expert, environmental policy expert, indigenous environmental expert, sustainability economist, community development expert. The NEB should be headquartered in Ottawa, with regional offices, because we need to diversify and get off of fossil fuels. Board members can be located in their home regions, with the availability of video conferencing. The chair should not also be the CEO. The chair should be a rotating position, perhaps by year.