Timeline of Briefings

Materials related to these briefings, where available, can be found here in the Briefing Material section.

Meeting Date Location Issues Discussed
National Energy Board 29 November 2016 Ottawa, ON Technical briefing on the NEB's structure, role, and mandate
Justice Canada 29 November 2016 Ottawa, ON Government of Canada’s approach to nation-to-nation relationship and the
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
Assembly of First Nations - Special Chiefs Assembly 7 December 2016 Ottawa, ON Participated in the energy dialogue panel presentation
Environmental Assessment Expert Panel Secretariat 8 December 2016 Ottawa, ON The Environmental Assessment Expert Panel Secretariat's experiences
National Energy Board 11 January 2017 Calgary, AB Technical briefing on the NEB’s structure, role and mandate for filming purposes
Dr. Wilton Littlechild 11 January 2017 Calgary, AB The process of drafting UNDRIP, and its relevance to the review of the National Energy Board
Values and Ethics Programs, Natural Resources
13 January 2017 Teleconference Values and Ethics, and Conflict of Interest as it relates to Panel review processes
Stratos 19 January 2017 Teleconference Briefing on results, from cross-jurisdictional review of energy regulators
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada 20 January 2017 Teleconference Technical briefing on Aboriginal Rights and Title