Toronto, ON - Engagement Sessions

Engagement Summary

Please find the summary for the Toronto engagement sessions (February 1–2, 2017) available to download here: Link to Engagement Summary


Below you will find the list of participants at the engagement sessions and their presentations if they were shared with the NEB Modernization Expert Panel. Please note that the documents are only available in their language of submission.

Name Organization (or individual) Session Link to Presentation (if available)
Adam Scott Oil Change International Presentation N/A
Patrick DeRochie Environmental Defense Presentation N/A
Gilbert Cheechoo Sr. Moose Cree First Nation Presentation Click here for presentation
Lindsay Wiginton Pembina Institute Presentation Click here for presentation
Jose Etcheverry Individual Presentation N/A
Ronalda Laird Individual Presentation Click here for presentation
Harry Coupland Individual Open House N/A
Katie Krelove Open House N/A
Meaghan Langille Shared Value Solutions Ltd Open House N/A
Kerrie Blaise Canadian Environmental Law Association Open House N/A