Vancouver, BC - Engagement Sessions

Engagement Summary

Please find the summary for the Vancouver engagement sessions (February 1–2, 2017) available to download here: Link to Engagement Summary


Below you will find the list of participants at the engagement sessions and their presentations if they were shared with the NEB Modernization Expert Panel. Please note that the documents are only available in their language of submission.

Name Organization (or individual) Session Link to Presentation (if available)
Derek Corrigan City of Burnaby Presentation Click here for presentation
Eugene Kung West Coast Environmental Law Presentation Click here for presentation
Marc Eliesen Energy Executive Presentation N/A
Brian Kingman C.G.L.A.P Presentation N/A
Lynn Perrin PIPE UP Network Presentation N/A
Anthony Capuccinello City of Surrey Presentation Click here for presentation
Peter McCartney Wilderness Committee Presentation N/A
Maegen Giltrow Township of Langley Presentation Click here for presentation
John Clarke Individual Presentation N/A
Richard Williams AQAM Presentation N/A
Marco Bernaldez Individual Open House N/A
Emily Glass Dogwood Initiative Open House N/A
David Huntley Individual Open House N/A
Brenda Fitzpatrick Individual Open House N/A
Elan Ross Gibson Individual Open House N/A
Carole Clarke Individual Open House N/A